Forest Hills Playground

////Forest Hills Playground
Forest hills playground panorama

Everything Forest Hills Playground has to offer

Forest Hills Playground is not what most would call a “nice” park.  From the picture above, you can see basically everything in the park, which (as the name suggests) is essentially a playground.  There is a swing set, climbing apparatus, five rockers, a few benches, a picnic table and a poorly-maintained barbecue.  The park’s saving grace is the large field.  I felt like this was a park in technicality only, consisting of a play area and eating area, but not one that would rank very highly among parks even a mile or two away.

Forest Hills Playground


Climbing apparatus at Forest Hills Playground

Climbing apparatus

Swings at Forest Hills Playground

Two toddler, two big-kid swings

Rocker, “dying frog”

Forest Hills Playground barbecue

The lone barbecue at Forest Hills Playground

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