Columbus Park needs some work

Nestled in between Holy Name of Jesus church and small houses, Columbus Park definitely serves as a true neighborhood park. The park is a good size and manages to fit in a play area, eating area, and open field — something other parks in Rochester fail to do.

The play area is probably the main attraction to this 10-acre park, although the open field is certainly usable. Contained within the wood-chip base area is a climbing structure (unique as far as we’ve found), a play structure and a six-swing swing set. Unfortunately for the swing set, four of the swings had been looped (swung around the upper bar so that they can’t be used). We un-looped all the swings, but it takes a tall person to get them started.

The eating area, while technically in existence, is in serious need of work. You can see in the virtual tour of Columbus Park where the barbecue has rusted off the post. Sadly, this is the only barbecue in the park. It’s understandable that this eventually happens to barbecues, but the Town of Greece should replace the grill as soon as possible – to avoid potential injury and also to provide nearby residents with a complete eating area.

The open area at Columbus Park was well-maintained showing signs of recent mowing. There are a fair number of trees that line the perimeter and are used to create natural divisions of the open area. A group could certainly play a game of catch, but other parks would be much better for a game of ultimate frisbee.