Goodwin Park playground

Full-size playground including slides and climbers

Goodwin Park is one of the smallest parks in all of Greece. At just under 2 acres, this park sits runs along a small canal that links Lake Ontario to Long Pond.  I can imagine this park might actually see some use from time to time, but when I went there were only a few men there fishing.

Facilities at Goodwin Park

There were a number of picnic tables and barbecues and benches along a path that overlooked the canal.  A large playground sits in the middle of the park with some nice features and there is a good stretch of grass that exists beyond the playground and runs to the northwest border of Goodwin Park.  A port-a-john is present at this park near the parking lot.  The inside was not inspected during this visit.

Goodwin Park geese

The geese are taking over at Goodwin Park

Goose Poop

There were three full families of geese (mother, father, babies) that could be seen at this park.  I believe the proximity of the park to Long Pond and Lake Ontario, coupled with the connecting canal make this a haven for geese.  My three-year-old daughter was with me and I had to ask her to constantly look where she was stepping because there was goose poop EVERYWHERE.  Perhaps being late Spring meant an increase in goose activity and thus, poop coverage, but seriously…it was all over the place.

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