Sawyer Park

Sawyer park is definitely one of those parks that you need to visit.  There are a handful of things that make the park unique, least of which is not the 9-hole disc golf course cleverly tucked between the trees and along the creek. From the panorama above you can see the larger attractions to Sawyer Park.  This park boasts two playgrounds, a swingset with two big-kid and two toddler swings, a pavillion (available to rent from the Town of Greece), real bathrooms, a creek, multiple barbecue/eating areas, nature trails and a 9-hole disc golf course!

front side of sawyer park playground

Front view of larger Sawyer Park playground

Large Playground

Sawyer Park has two playgrounds, one full-size and another that is for smaller children.  The full-size playground is built by GameTime, a company that seems to be the most popular supplier of new(er) playgrounds in Rochester. It’s for a good reason, though: these playgrounds offer a diversity of activities and are made of high-quality materials that seem to be impervious to the wear and tear of children’s use.  This particular playground had very little wear and tear that I could see and aside from being wet from torrential rains just moments before, my 3-year-old daughter had no problem using and enjoying the apparatus.

Covered pavilion at sawyer park

Large pavilion with 10 picnic tables

Eating Areas

Eating areas are very respectable at this park.  There is a large pavilion that was clean and offered a barbecue grill at one end. There is a special parking area that leads right up to the fence so that food can be dropped off and very little effort be made to carry food in.  There were at least four individual garbage cans that I counted and all looked to be regularly emptied.  I would definitely say that Sawyer Park is food-friendly!

round pond creek running through sawyer park

Round Pond Creek runs through the park

Special features of Sawyer Park

One very obvious feature of the park is Round Pond Creek.  The creek runs all the way from Park Ridge Hospital to Round Pond, which itself empties into Lake Ontario.  The rains were heavy in the day or two leading up to my visit and even as I sat in the parking lot waiting to exit my vehicle.  I believe this contributed to the rather quick current of the creek.  As can be seen from the picture at left, the creek is wide and there is essentially no barrier between the grass and the water.  Anyone visiting the park with young children (especially those that have just learned to walk!) would be wise to keep their children within sight.

There are a few trails in this park that are as-of-yet undocumented.  On a future visit, RochesterParks will map them out and get them on Google Maps.  Some trails can be viewed on the disc golf map below.

map of disc golf course showing tees and holes

Disc Golf map

9-hole Disc Golf Course

Greece has been blessed with not one, but two disc golf courses.  You’ll find an 18-hole course at Basil Marella park, and here at Sawyer Park you can play 9 holes. Our friends over at the Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club have some detailed information about the course. I will play this course with a friend that plays often to get his take on the course and report back soon.

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