Kleag Road Park sign

Kreag Road Park

It took us two carefully-planned visits to capture everything at Kreag Road Park in Perinton NY. The park itself isn’t terribly large, but the Town of Perinton has done an incredible job making sure that it appeals to everyone.

The first time we visited it was a nice fall day slightly after lunchtime. There might have been one free parking spot and not a chance of capturing any of the park’s amenities without people in them. The second time we came, it was 9am and still, there were a few folks that were enjoying the park that we had to compete with.

Kreag Road Park shuffleboard court

Amenities galore!

There is certainly no shortage of things to do at Kreag Road Park. In fact, this may well be one of the most well-stocked parks in all of Rochester! Of course it’s got the more typical features that you’ve come to expect from a great park: playground, open field, eating area – and all of these in multiples.

What’s so amazing about the park is it’s atypical features. There are two shuffleboard courts, a three-way basketball court, two tennis courts, a volleyball court, and a sandbox! While you might imagine that would alone make the park unique, it also features a fantastic boat dock on the Erie Canal.

Kreag Road Park water warning signWater Hazard warning!

Since the Town has a few signs up it’s worth noting, at the back edge of the park, where it connects to the Erie Canal, there are no fences or any kind of physical barrier to prevent children from just going right in.

This kind of layout is similar to Henpeck Park in Greece NY and Great Embankment Park in Pittsford NY. While neither of those parks have any kind of warning signs like Kreag Road Park, it’s likely because neither of those parks attract many young children.

It makes sense that Perinton would put up these signs. They even have a water flotation device at the edge of the Canal.