Sanford Road Park

There are only two parks in Riga NY, a town of approximately 6,000 people. Sanford Road Park is the smaller of the two–just 44 acres. This park seems to serve as an athletic hub for the town. The park is located on Churchville Riga Road and Sanford Road South, just south of the village of Churchville NY.

This park is much smaller than Churchville Park located about 2 miles up the road, but it certainly has everything you would hope for in a solid park, including a few things that most parks do not have!

Sanford Road Park new play structure

Playground and Swing Sets

The play area is pretty robust at Sanford Road Park. There are two independent play areas: one new and one old. The new play area has two play structures, a rocker, and a large swing set consisting of three big kid swings and one toddler swing.

The older play area is something from the 70s or 80s. I remember seeing the small climbing structure at my grandmother’s apartment complex when I was a small child in the 80s, so it’s got to be old! The swingset has three big kid sings and a one toddler swing, just like the newer play area.

Sanford Road Park volleyball court

Athletic Fields and Courts

As mentioned above, Sanford Road Park has multiple fields and courts. Aside from the soccer fields and baseball diamonds, there is a volleyball court (shown at right) and an absolutely beautiful basketball court. Check out the court in the virtual tour at the top of the page.

If you’re a volleyball fan, you might enjoy a view from the referee platform. This sand court is fairly rare in Rochester. Check out some of the other parks that have a volleyball court.

Maher Lodge

Maher lodge looks to be pretty nice inside. We haven’t had a chance to go inside, but head to the Town of Riga info page on Maher Lodge for more information.

Here are all the photos we took at the Park.