Grandview Park is the place to go if you live in North Greece.  Of the three parks I visited on this evening, Grandview was (by far) the most attractive and the hardest to tear my kids away.  Set between Long Pond and Cranberry Pond, Grandview Park is just off of Lowden Point Road, just this side of Lake Ontario.

Grandview Park playground

Grandview Park playground

Grandview Park Playground

The playground and play area is quite well maintained and looks to be no more than 5 years old.  There is a swing set of two toddler and two big-kid swings (quickly becoming the standard of parks everywhere I go).  The play structure is quite large, and features a higher-than-average number of entrances.  Notable is its atypical color scheme of silver, white and blue.  This is the first play structure of this coloring that I’ve seen.

In addition to the play structure and swing set, there are three additional play areas for children.  One is a smaller play structure that is shaped like the front end of an old steam engine train.  There is a ladder and platform, not much else, but this certainly provides a creative experience for kids.  There are also five rockers (seen above in the panorama to the left of the play structure).  Finally, a small area just behind the play structure provides two hopscotch and two foursquare courts for kids that still know how to play those games.  A good view of that can be seen on the satellite view of Grandview Park.

Grandview Park barbecue

The lone barbecue at Grandview Park

Eating area

There is a nice shaded area for eating between the play structure and the baseball field.  There is only one picnic table and one charcoal barbecue, but hey, it counts!  I wouldn’t hesitate to spend an afternoon at this park with so much to do.  Then, bring a picnic lunch for the shaded area.  If the table is in use, there’s plenty of grass to throw a blanket down and eat!  I think because of the location and the number of people this park serves, one table and one barbecue are probably appropriate.  If I had to make a recommendation to Greece, I’d say put in another table and grill.  It seems like with a baseball field and other sports facilities, there’s a potential for unmet expectations.

Grandview Park basketball court

Grandview Park basketball court

Recreation areas abound

At Grandview Park, there’s no shortage of areas to play. There is a baseball field and a pair of football goals to create a nice dual-purpose field for different types of sports games.  I’m not sure how much these fields are used for organized leagues, but when I went there they were not in use.

Pictured left is one side of the tennis and basketball courts.  The facilities looked to be very well-maintained and equipment was in good shape.  There were a few gentlemen playing basketball at one end of the court and both tennis courts were in use when I visited.  Clearly the facilities are used regularly and enjoyed by the local residents.

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