Heyer-Bayer Memorial park playground

Heyer-Bayer Memorial park playground

Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park playground

Irondequoit has provided its residents with a decent playground here at Heyer-Bayer Memorial park.  There are two play structures: one quite large and the other quite small.  This is a common sight among the parks in Rochester.  The larger structure is pretty nice with one caveat: bring a towel!  The rain from earlier in the morning had pooled at the bottom of the slide and my daughter’s bum got completely soaked.  Apparently, the sun did not have enough time to cause the water to evaporate.

In addition to the play structures, the park offers a few rockers and a swing set.  The swing set has (you guessed it!) two toddler and two big-kid swings.  At the time of this writing, one of the toddler swings was broken and not on the chains.  It is worth noting that along the road-side of the playground a chain-link fence does provide a modicum of safety.

Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park baseball diamond

Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park baseball diamond

Baseball field and diamond

The park is essentially a baseball field and the playground area, with the field comprising about 75% of the park.  It would appear from the condition of the field and diamond that this area is used pretty regularly during the regular baseball season.  The field itself is quite large and could be used for pretty much any field-based sport when a baseball game isn’t taking place.

Lock affixed to the port-a-potty at Heyer-Bayer memorial park

Lock affixed to the port-a-potty at Heyer-Bayer Memorial park

Don’t expect a public restroom here

So after the wet slide fiasco, my daughter (probably through some stimulus-response) had to go potty.  Upon crossing the immense field separating the playground from the port-a-potty, we came across this huge lock on the restroom.  Of course I was more than a little upset that we’d just walked all that way to find a locked john.  After a few minutes of rational thought, I have to conclude that this port-a-potty is probably available only when baseball games are being played.

In addition to the lack of a public restroom, this park is noticeably missing a one of the core requirements for even being a park: an eating area!  There were no picnic tables and no charcoal barbecues.  Unfortunately, this means that when ranking parks, Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park is going to take a big penalty.  I am going to flag this park for another update in six months to find out if Irondequoit has brought an eating area into this park.

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